♫♪  Marie Davidson - “Balade Aux USA”

Montreal’s foremost analog electro chanteuse Marie Davidson has some ideas about America. She has visited the country and toured it at length. She knows its rest stops, its highways, and its suburban streets. The video for “Balade Aux America,” our first taste of her upcoming LP called Un Autre Voyage (due April 15 via Austin’s ever-mind-altering Holodeck Records), presents her commentary as a montage glimpsed from the back seat of a sedan, populated with visual tropes that paint America in hues closer to the cover of Kraftwerk’s Man Machine than the ol’ stars and stripes that we’re used to.

Take a trip with Davidson through parking lots and backyards. Let your eyes trace the grid. She is here, too, to reassure you. She shouts out the sweetie boys. She sips champagne from the bottle. She is ready for anything that America throws at her. She is ready to throw things back. Her web of analog sequences, drum machines, and synths spreads out in a fleet of responsive knobs and sliders. Her microphone cord twists around one of her arms and one of her table legs. Listen to her compounding rhythms swell and ebb over indeterminable verses, blasted with distorted peals of electric guitar. Even if you do not understand the French language, you will understand what she wants to tell you by way of a universal hypnosis born of strobes, clicks, and pulses.

• Marie Davidson: https://mariedavidson.bandcamp.com
• Holodeck Records: http://holodeckrecords.com

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