♫♪  Marli - “Imolação Hidrostática”

“Absorbing nutrients from various regions was essential, after all it’s a creature that comes from the sea floor, which is a territory with no boundaries … The music itself is inspired by Caribbean sounds, and I tried to leave it too much organic as possible, with traditional percussive elements, like you could feel the bones floating between your feet while you’re dancing in the mud of destruction.”

Forget the retro-futuristic stylings of seapunk, witch house and vaporwave. Or rather, since that process is already in motion, take the darkness, the organic oceanic and the Web 1.0 planes and mash them up (remember mashups? … with fondness?) into a Mysty, Lovecraftian primordial soup of a clip for Marli’s new clip, “Imolação Hidrostática” (= Hydrostatic Immolation … if that helps). The track is the third single from Marli’s singular 2013 album Maremotrix, a distant and possibly inbred (in the best sense) cousin to the mutant and abject doom folk of artists like Perera Elsewhere. The self-taught Brazilian artist is inspired by horror films and weird plants …but then, who isn’t?

• Marli: http://marlionline.com.br

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