♫♪  Maston - “Swans”

Sunday morning spills through the valley, summoning the ladybugs to raise their wings in harmony and welcome the sun’s rays onto their cool, glistening backs. The hangovers of the world have all but disappeared, leaving room for only the ambiance and appreciation that comes with another day looking upon everything we’ve been given. Nearby, the sounds of Van Dyke Parks (or maybe Serge Gainsbourg) seem to pour out from the old flower shop across the street, making the whole town feel like one big elevator just waiting to lift up into the billowing clouds above.

Frank Maston gets into all of this and more on his lounged-out new LP Tulips, out October 27 on his own Phonoscope label. Stirring up a sound that seems to ask us, “hey, let’s go away for a while,” Maston lets his music hang out on the couch and simmer in the moods of the day before it’s begun, happily sitting in the background while we get that pot of coffee going. “Swans” should give you an idea of Maston’s recipe for this one, so hit that play button, kick back, and let the morning work its magic.

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