♫♪  Matt Carlson - “Bird Level”

This short video samples a track from Gecko Dream Levels, Carlson’s new Gift Tapes release. I like what Keith Fullerton Whitman had to say about the record:

A squeaky-clean take on free-time (seriously, there’s not a motor-rhythm to be found anywhere within) electronic agglomerationings that beckons the listener / user closer with one gesture while simultaneously / aestheically revolting with another.

Gift Tapes also put up two more creepy, oozing 3D vids created by Brenna Murphy for Spare Death Icon and Million Mists.

• Gift Tapes: http://gifttapes.com/
• Matt Carlson: http://bucketfactorial.blogspot.com/
• Spare Death Icon: http://sparedeathicon.com/

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