♫♪  Matthewdavid + Diva - “Live @Mercado Negro in Aveiro, Portugal”

Fresh off they’s European tour, Matthewdavid and Diva bring you a heavy six-minute and 45-minute pair of songs. The first song reels that warped Matthewdavid absorption power around Diva’s wandering bass lines, and listeners are all thinking about tapping out, but the sheerness of their mutual immersion of sound keeps minds grounded and at peace. The second, MD lays down the tastiest of vocals, bassed by Diva’s intuitive rhythmic variations, encircling nods and ears: “[Live @Mercado Negro in Aveiro, Portugal].” Ooo, boii, MD really brings it toward the end here, too. Like the mellowist amp-up track ever! Can’t wait for a release of Matthewdavid’s vocal debut and (please, please, please) recorded/released documentation of his pairing with Diva. Diva has always crushed, both with her two prior releases, The Glitter End and Moon Moods, but that’s mostly her own stylized stuff. Diva on bass is an entirely different goddess. Both beings belong making music. <3

• Matthewdavid: https://soundcloud.com/matthewdavid
• Diva: http://divaprojections.blogspot.com

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