♫♪  Maxo Kream - “G3 [prod. by Tommy Kruise]”

1) Tommy Kruise, fresh off a plate of poutine, makes a brooding instrumental centered around that all-too-satisfying pitched down “awhhh” chorus sample.

2) Kruise sends the beat over to Houston rapper Maxo Kream, who illustrates a harrowing narrative about crime and the throes of drug addiction in a monotone flow perfectly suited for a downtempo song about popping 8 xanax.

3) Maxo Kream shoots a music video depicting a disoriented, escapist lifestyle centered around Alprazolam and robbery: Kream lays on a bed rapping as a day-in-the-life panorama flashes over the screen like a dream, the lines between reality and fantasy blurred as Maxo stumbles through out-of-body experiences in a drug fueled stupor that eventually leads to self destruction.

Thus, one of the strongest tracks on Maxo Kream’s Persona Tape is born. Watch the video above, and catch Maxo Kream on tour with Danny Brown and ZelooperZ this fall.

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