♫♪  Megumi Wata - “Koi-Ga-Aimai”

Mysterious Japanese idol-to-be Megumi Wata has recently shared the video for “Koi-Ga-Aimai,” a bonus single added to the recent physical addition of her excellent yesteryear debut 災難だわ (available next month at your nearest nine-storey Tower Records). Abstracting a seaside summer’s day in the life of the ambiguously young starlet (she’s in college, if SNS homework complaints are any indication), the video’s fleeting glimpses were “taken by iPhone6+” in all its soft-filter splendor. The music itself is even warmer, a naptime wink of bedroom soul prone to dreamy spells of Perfume autotune, right-hand jazz melodies, and a string session fit for a Sakamoto soundtrack. Crafted by a wunderkind crew of studio guns barely older than her, this is Wata’s second single, following the incredible song-video dyad “災難だわ” (“Catastrophic” — closed captions mandatory). Smart, homebrew J-pop to cure all Japanese ills societal and social.

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