♫♪  M.I.A. - “Bring The Noize”

So, this is totally another workout post, but in vein of M.I.A. Considering she’s probably 10+ years older than you, it’s weird to see that she’s still all about fashion. And in the video for “Bring The Noize,” it’s a fashion RIOT! Errrybody gettin’ theys hair done-up and kicks spiffed, etc. Why don’t you do the same? Get in the gym and grip a couple looks while wearing that fly jog-cloth. Drip in sweat and give that face-down, eyes-up look at someone, anyone, don’t matter if you single or not; the gym is all about looks.

“Bring The Noize” definitely provides the pump when it’s most needed. If you got an extra mile in ya, M.I.A. will provide three via sonic powers [slash] music. Only, if you’s a lady, make sure if you’re wearing white… Also, nobody really wants to watch stocks or the Chew or soaps while they work out, so plug in and bang out. But don’t forget to look fresh while you sweat. M.I.A. thrives on it! Also, she probably gonna try and thrive another year on her fourth album Matangi out this fall on N.E.E.T. and Interscope. Hi!

• M.I.A.: http://www.miauk.com
• N.E.E.T.: http://neetrecordings.com
• Interscope: http://www.interscope.com

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