Mike Shiflet
“Blessed and Opressed”

Mike Shiflet is this generation’s Bob Dylan, if poetry were a seashell and music was HD videos of grass. Here we have water and rocks and domestic life and industrialization and even Barbara Streisand (3:50). This is the work of someone who has held to his ear the conch of the digital age and heard the static buzz of the internet’s ocean of noise. Watching “Blessed and Oppressed” is something like witnessing the life of an oyster flash before its eyes, as you listen to the music of it sizzle, frying in the pan. Blessed is the diner, oppressed is the dinner. Anyhow, this track is from Shiflet’s new album Sufferers, out this week. Check out the video, and if it’s to your liking, head over to Type Records to hear more.

• Mike Shiflet: http://michaelshiflet.com
• Type: http://typerecords.com

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