♫♪  Miley Cyrus - “Tongue Tied”

On the Sunday night drive home from my girlfriend’s grandparents’ house, not far into this year’s Grammy Awards telecast, the topic of Kendall Jenner’s 2014 Billboard Music Awards flub (see: “You guys, I’m the worst reader!”) came up; I hadn’t seen this, so I pulled up the video on my phone and, after watching in amused disgust, compared the entire spectacle to an inverted Ouroboros, in which the snake’s anus swallows its own head. Kardashian-Jenner family fame, I reasoned, was achieved by assholes dumping human waste down the thankful mouths of the masses, which then maintain that fame by willingly welcoming further fecal deposits. The Ouroboros is perfectly inverted when the illiterate asshole, given an even greater platform to poop down your throat, instead takes over for its own body’s mouthpiece. In a moment of divine comedic intervention, professional shit talking gets real and reality responds appropriately.

An ass eats its words.

Today, it occurred to me that the inverted Ouroboros might also be used to summarize Miley Cyrus’s latest video, “Tongue Tied,” which is to be featured at opening night of Pornhub’s NYC Porn Film Festival, February 27 at Secret Project Robot in Bushwick. This is perhaps a more visceral, literal manifestation of the inverted Ouroborus, as the video features the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana near nude, bound, and to my point, occasionally painted with dark liquid, as a song about gang rape (“Fitzpleasure” by alt-J) provides the piece’s only audio. It’s as if, while in the process of consuming its body’s head, the snake’s anus made a mess.

• Miley Cyrus: http://www.mileycyrus.com
• Quentin Jones: http://www.quentinjones.info

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