♫♪  Miraa / Blueberry - S/T [video preview]

France has something going for itself, and it ain’t baguettes, gondoliers, or any of the other easy stereotypes we stupid, lazy Americans love to fall back on. It’s main claim to fame — France that is — is a couple of bros making tight tracks, hi-fiving a bunch, yelling about nothing worth yelling about, and scoring chicks… No, wait. It’s two guys who are (probably) nothing like that.

Miraa and Blueberry — the gentlemen I just hopefully lied to you about — are splitting duties for their self-titled split on the brand spankin’ new Cindys Tapes. Miraa’s got side A of the split, while Blueberry’s got side B of the split. You know, they’re splitting up a split, split style. Now, I don’t want to split hairs here, but I think both sides of the split are pretty great, but if you don’t agree, then you and I are headed to splitsville, pal!

So now that I’m done trying to use the word split as much as possible (hope I didn’t give a splitting headache with all my split talk), why don’t you go ahead and watch/re-watch that above video; then, if intrigued/re-intrigued, listen/re-listen to the embeds below/re-below. If your ears are still at attention like a dog around one of them silent-to-the-human-ear whistles thingys, yr prolly gonna wanna (told you we’re lazy!) head here and snag one of these fine cassettes up, right quick!

Sorry, but I gotta split to Split pretty soon, so we’ll have to talk later. But, if you want to continue this conversation, let me know and we can split the cab fare to the airport and gab about whatever you like. I like talking about splitting things.

• Miraa: https://soundcloud.com/mirabeatz
• Blueberry: https://soundcloud.com/blueberrybeat-2
• Cindys Tapes: https://soundcloud.com/cindys-tapes
• Cindys Tapes: https://cindystapes.bandcamp.com

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