Mistah FAB
“Movie Thug”

Mistah Fab, the Bay Area vet who brought the local phenomenon of ghost riding the whip to national attention, has another lesson to teach: stop imitating what you see on the silver screen! Don’t be a “movie thug:” someone who strolls into the theater to see Scarface or Menace II Society and comes out thinking they’re Tony Montana or Caine Lawson. The song makes film references left and right, but unless your last name is A.O. Scott, you might have trouble keeping them straight. Thankfully, Mistah Fab’s video includes clips from all the films that he mentions. This might be the only time that it is okay to insert scenes from The Lion King in a music video on YouTube (and believe me, I’ve seen blank>hell).

• Mistah Fab: http://www.mistahfab.com
• Thizz Entertainment: http://www.youtube.com/user/ThizzEntertainment

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