♫♪  M.Takara - “Moment Sessions”

Enter the mind of M.Takara off new propositorecs series, “Moment Sessions.” And it’s safe to assume this is equal amounts music craft/talent, as it is recording/microphones. Is this really live? It sure as shit looks legit. Whose mans this basement in? It fucks on the LOL and hip-level. Get murdered to this…

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Moment Sessions is a series of experimentation between musicians and lenses. An account of the moment of artistic interpretation in its purity and viscerality.

In this episode, we have M. Takara, a solo career by Maurício Takara, in which he merges his different influences and innovative approaches, mixing voice, strings, keys, percussion and electronic programming.

Takara is a drummer for Hurtmold and São Paulo Underground, as well as other projects and collaborations with numerous artists such as Pharoah Sanders, Mia Doi Todd, Rob Mazurek and Naná Vasconcelos.

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