♫♪  Nachtbote - “Out Soon”

Straight up — SF Broadcasts is complete obscurity to me. Here are two videos of the track “Out Soon” (or so I think) by Nachtbote. BTW, “Nachtbote” and “I’m Feeling Lucky” are not a work-friendly combination. The first video of “Out Soon” works off textured audio/visual.

Past the slow-drip (obligatory) spiral-synth workout lies ear-violence accentuated by shimmering shocks of cackling noise. And the camera flicker over an inevitable digital smear absorbs tentative gaze. So, maybe this orange is a person, or a planet alignment; I don’t know what it all means. Mesmerized, viewers are restricted by the video’s unstoppable voyeurism and pulled back at the end, through venomous disintegration of sound for one last peep of “meaning.” It’s almost Hitchcockian, or is it Trier these days (Ben Pearson, Alex Peterson, Zachary Block, Derek Smith, Steve Babish)?

The narrative I have followed in this is my own. Bottom-line: “Is the internet tangible?” My 95-year-old grandma pointed out, “Even if you compare the song to a cassette’s [sound of magnet to reel], won’t the music in both videos only have the quality of the [digital sound]?” :^X Okay, well, in comparison, the two videos are both equally violent. The live recording expresses this through ripping volume and looped button-/key-mashing. Visually, the strobe light, surrounded by smaller colorful lights, accentuate the biggest mystery: who is Nachtbote? For answers, find out on SF Broadcasts. Tangible evidence of this sound and artist exists as of today (September 9, 2011).

• SF Broadcasts: http://sfbroadcasts.blogspot.com

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