♫♪  NeonBunny 야광토끼 - “너여야 (It’s You)”

Seoul’s brightest bedroom pop star is back, lit this time by the lucent torch song, “너여야 (It’s You).” Mediating between the electro expertise of longtime collaborator Cliff Lin and Korean producer Demicat’s subtlest glitch hop undertones, Neon Bunny’s melody floats lambent above the shifting textures beneath. The verse rhythm scatters and weaves between the denser waveforms of the chorus, like a flock of starlings playing in patterns before settling into formation by song’s end. These many maneuvers might distract were they not so natural; instead they propel Neon Bunny’s most moving song yet.

• NeonBunny 야광토끼: http://neonbunny.bandcamp.com

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