♫♪  Nick Jonas - “Jealous”

Do I jam this when I’m gettin’ “swole” at the gym, doing reps, looking at myself in the mirror, making sure no one’s looking, and winking? Or do I throw this on at work, when I’m telling everyone I’m listening to some abstract “free jazz” record? Maybe I do both, or maybe I don’t do either of those things. But here’s the thing, Nick Jonas knows how to put together a solid jam or, at least, he knows the right songwriters to hire to put together a solid jam. Perhaps this is all a symptom of some “lameness” coming my way, and in two years I’ll be hosting a BBQ at my house in the ‘burbs, sipping light beer and terrifying my friends with talk about my stock portfolio and how my accountant is far superior to TurboTax. This is indeed a worst case scenario for “the J-man”, as I’m occasionally referred to (mostly by my dad), but I think history will be kind to this tune. Confront your nightmares, people, and get “Jealous”.

• Nick Jonas: http://www.nickjonas.com

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