♫♪  Nicolas Jaar - The Color of Pomegranates (OST)

This is too interesting to pass up. Famed electronic artist Nicolas Jaar recently uploaded his very own original score to The Color of Pomegranates, what is considered to be the legendary yet still underappreciated Armenian-Soviet filmmaker Sergei Parajanov’s 1969 masterpiece, if not his most well-known film, a quite unorthodox biography of the 18th century Armenian poet Sayat Nova. Actually, you can hear the entire score while watching the entire film on YouTube. Jaar needs no introduction, but Parajanov’s life is something straight out of a movie, from creating a totally experimental filmography out of the folk cultures of the Caucasus region, to hiding his homosexuality, to being sent off to a labor camp in Siberia for years before unexpectedly being granted freedom, this all being in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Oh yeah, and his films are extraordinary, but see for yourself if Jaar’s score matches up.

• Nicolas Jaar: http://www.nicolasjaar.net

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