♫♪  Nimic Revenue ft. Allan Kingdom - “SK8BOARDFLEX Remix”

Ooooohhh yeah. It’s December. Gettin’ colder and colder, least where I’m from. But I can’t imagine what it’s like way up yonder in St. Paul, Minnesota, where rapper Nimic Revenue hails from. Snow, for sure. A ton of frozen lakes, towering pines, wolves, bears and shit?!?!? Seems scary. But hey, I’m sure if you’re FROM there, you’d probably be proud of being acclimated to the harsh climate & your ability to stay warm during the more grueling months. A little creativity never hurts in the blistering cold. Take, for instance, Nimic Revenue’s method of keeping warm:

1) Cook up a HOT hit, release it in the Summer.

2) A few months later, team up with fellow Minnesotan Allan Kingdom for a verse & throw it on the remix.

3) Release the music video JUST as it starts getting cold.

4) Stay warm ALL WINTER LONG with a hot joint!!!

Watch above.

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