♫♪  Nina - “Dead Horse (Prod. Dean Blunt)”

Earlier, my wife and I were listening to the new Lolina release, The Smoke, and both agreed that Inga Copeland will forever sound better than Dean Blunt. We’re talking sound, lyrics, vocals, rhythm, character, mystique, etc. However — and this is a big However — when they were together as Hype Williams, Inga Copeland sounded better than any post Hype Williams project of hers. Thus, my partner and I agreed that Dean Blunt’s musical direction is particularly exquisite, which is why BBF is so brilliant, especially if it’s not all (really) just him.

So, for another example, at least five out of the nine songs off the new compilation might actually be better than a lot of songs off The Smoke [Writer’s Note: only to the degree of female vocalists, as some songs on are shit and don’t contain female vocalists]. And these songs were all Dean Blunt produced. However, this is what makes me so excited about the new Nina EP. Nina’s release Complications from earlier this year (which is now mysteriously gone from the internet, so reach out to me if you wanna copy) is phenomenal. Thus, if “Dead Horse” is what listeners have to go off of currently, we’re all in for a wonderful treat.

Snoop the video above and just you wait for the fall out later.

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