♫♪  Nobel - The Sound [EP]

Jay Daifunka has 3D-rendered your entire internet history to the sounds of Nobel’s glorious “FACEBOOKHOUSE” (his word). You are just a floating lump of pixels, split into ever tinier quantified digital code, smaller than past Imperial or Metric systems could muster, let alone those cumbersome atoms. The promo bumpf might say that “IN THE FUTURE OUR CONSCIOUSNESS WILL BE UPLOADED TO THE INTERNET AND WE ARE GOING TO LIVE FOREVER,” but it knows that this has already happened. We are already being accosted by the conflicting immortal selves we’ve created for different functions, at different times. My drunken, late-night Twitter self is dancing and intoning like a baby while my pseudo-philosophical academic self is tutting at my Facebook self’s bad grammar. Yours are already in the distance.

For this is the panopticon of “I,” and it is always moving.

Download The Sound EP free from Cocobass.

• Cocobass: http://cocobass.tumblr.com

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