♫♪  Oliver Coates - “Charlev”

“Charlev” — “the early sounds / sights from RVNG’s new journey with Oliver Coates” — doesn’t sound like anything Coates has ever worked on before:

— First of all, the presence of his cello isn’t obvious right away — it coaxes its way into the song, sounding rather hollow and ethereal among all the shimmering synths and bouncing beats, slowly gaining in prominence as the composition develops.
— Secondly, “Charlev” — at its core — is electronic pop music. Coates’ previous work included cello-sourced electronic experiments, vaporous ambient improvs, or avant-garde soundtracks, so “Charlev” feels refreshingly straightforward.

Yes, it’s weird, quite lengthy and utterly fascinating, but it’s also completely approachable. It’s the perfect blend of subtle pop, electronic experimentation and classical innovation and if Coates’ two records arriving on RVNG Intl. this year sound anything like “Charlev,” we’re in for a real treat. Watch, listen & buy below (in that order).

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