♫♪  Parae - “In My Vein”

When the first material of the San Francisco based noise rock trio Parae emerged on the web, they tried to create a sound that they dubbed “camp-core,” playing with post-punk structures and winking their eye to the listener. Fast forward to 2015, and Parae are not only almost finished with their new album, which they claim will be a bit heavier than their previous efforts and influenced more by shoegaze, metal and even goth. The goth influences can be clearly seen in the video for “In My Vein”, where the members emerge from the red-tinted shadows, clad in leather, wearing studded collars and generally being all rock and fetishy-like. Musically wise, it’s a healthy chunk of good ol’ Rock, with the maniacal, psychedelic guitar being the standout point, barely keeping on track but never getting too derailed. While waiting for their new album, you can also check out their other track, “Thurst”, on the band’s SoundCloud page.

• Parae: http://www.parae.org

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