♫♪  PF - “$ega Kingdom”

PF aka Kenji Yamamoto aka 10,000 ★s, DJwwww, jones, kenji exilevevo, Lil $ega, Lil toyota-money U.S.A., N. Brennan, PACHINKO MACHINE MUSIC, pure j.j, +you, $ega and the Rainbow Streets—which just released a stunning tape on Noumemal Loom—and all of the other aliases I have surely missed throws a water bomb filled with the inky tears of bygone sea punks, and I wonder, where have all the sea punks gone? Perhaps this aqueously cyber video for “$ega Kindom” will call them back from the drippy depths from which they seem to have slunk back to, or all of the other mermaid songs to come on PF’s forthcoming release, DREAMSCAPE, on Wasabi Tapes.

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