♫♪  Polar Bear - “Be Free”

It makes sense that in the grand clusterfuckery that will come when we eventually reduce the world to infinitesimal pixelated scraps — via nuclear holocaust, hadron colliders, or just really astute deconstructive continental philosophy — the color palette will take on a dull amalgam. We’re not talking here about the bright flaming oranges, stunning aquamarines or vampish blood reds of your average disaster movie, nope, the end of the world will be brought to you in the damp TEALS, poo BROWNS and uncommittal GREYS we might associate with the Dulux Paint ‘Outdoor Fence’ range.

Polar Bear plunge a murky groove here, their hefty rhythm section occasionally careering off in a series of wacky effects. B Side to this single “Be Free Be Free” is even looser with the disorientating dubness, teetering happily near collapse, while Gerry Read tightens up the gears for a rusty, masterfully remix. Jacek Zmarz’s video thus captures the mood well, tactile yet cyborg, material bits and sounds colliding, transformed by the encounter.

“Be Free” is taken from the new Polar Bear album In Each And Every One, out Monday, March 24 on The Leaf Label.

• Polar Bear: http://www.polarbearmusic.com
• The Leaf Label: http://www.theleaflabel.com

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