♫♪  Primal Scream - “Where The Light Gets In”

Scottish pop rock veterans — they would probably hate being called that — Primal Scream have a new album, Chaosmosis, their eleventh, coming out in March, and its first single is called “Where The Light Gets In,” which somewhat unexpectedly boasts a duet with none other than Sky Ferreira. “Light” arguably strikes a stronger balance than Bobby Gillespie and co. have ever achieved between their always competing essentially British neo-60s-inspired rock’n’roll and vastly divergent electronic dance music explorations, perhaps Ferreira’s presence had something to do with it? And does the new album then mark a newfound reconciliation of this dichotomy and a further maturation of the band’s sound? Probably not, as we all know by now, lead singles are never a good indicator of what an upcoming album will sound like. But who cares? Any new Primal Scream material is always cause for celebration. For now, whet your appetite with the just-released obligatory video, which perfectly captures the always consistent and by now all-too familiar Primal Scream aesthetic, you know what I’m talking about.

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