♫♪  Protoje - “Blood Money”

My dad has this saying — I think he got it from grandma, but I’ve only heard him say it — that every story comes from either the Bible or Shakespeare. He’ll sometimes follow that with the explanation that just about every form of human cruelty or wickedness imaginable is detailed in one of those two sources. If I were to update this saying for 2017, I’d say that every story comes from The Wire. “Blood Money” is essentially the rise and fall of Stringer Bell (and perhaps Marlo Stanfield if his story were to continue past the series finale), as a reggae music video about systemic corruption in Jamaica. Which, of course, should be taken as a compliment of the highest regard by Protoje (or anyone). One day, I imagine, critics will use “Wiry” in the way they use “Shakespearian” or “Biblical,” with their basis of comparison sacrosanct.

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