♫♪  Purling Hiss - Water on Mars [album trailer]

Sonically and stylistically, Philadelphia’s Purling Hiss can be best be described as Dinosaur Jr.’s grumpy older brother: laid-back, but not afraid to punch you in the face if you try anything stupid. Their new record, Water on Mars, comes out March 19 on Drag City, and in anticipation, the band has unveiled a new album trailer, slamming together cuts from the album in a dizzying kind of promotional mash-up set to washed-out TV visuals. The samples of each song are short — 10 seconds or less — but put together, they encapsulate the sound of Water on Mars’ garage rock deep-fried in trippy goodness. Drag City warns viewers that this clip will “open a gateway of sorts from your cerebral noggin to an atmosphere removed of oxygen and air as we know it.” You’ve been warned.

• Purling Hiss - http://purlinghiss.bandcamp.com/
• Drag City - http://www.dragcity.com/

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