♫♪  Quelle Chris - “Obamacare”

Surprise! Quelle Chris has a new album. It’s called Guns, but on the evidence of “Obamacare” and its video, there’s plenty more to it than a mere discussion about those most contentious instruments of death. In fact, the word “gun” finds itself mentioned just once here, an addendum to the verse, almost as an afterthought. Casually dashed-off, but not uncaring and certainly not unknowing. Smarts without the smarm. It’s these qualities that we’ve really come to appreciate from Chris lately, and they’re carried into the DIY vid with aplomb, as horr-edy collage animation rubs up against kitchen-sink beats and bars in mutual cacophony.

Tempting though it might be to say that Chris is sharpening his tools, that doesn’t seem quite right given his wit and whimsy — rather, he’s “just getting better every minute.” Aren’t we so very glad?

Guns is out today on Mello Music Group.

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