♫♪  r u s s y - “bleach”

There’s something beautiful about defying odds and growing in climates — worldly or social — where negativity and shitiness is everywhere and you’re just a seedling who wants to live in an under two-minute visual for a song called “bleach.”

The above how-to video for defying all odds is from r u s s y’s excellent ( body ), one of two separate albums from Surf War Tapes. The label, co-run by r u s s y and Skelly Sküll, is a SoCal imprint with r u s s y manning a raw storm of glitch and Skelly Sküll laying pop-driven waves — hence, the surf war. The two released ( body ) and Underground Pop respectively on December 28 and New Year’s Day on their Bandcamps. So there isn’t a communal digital space where the beat friends can call their own yet, but we’re getting there. Both albums are becoming tactile and will be out on tape soon via said site.

To celebrate IRL on February 21, San Diego’s Visual Urban Art & Supplies Shop is hosting the physical releases with a coinciding zine release of LOST CAUS and SEXTING, SHAME & SUICIDE’s collaboration. Get more info on the flyer.

• r u s s y: https://russy.bandcamp.com
• Skelly Sküll: https://skellyapexrealm.bandcamp.com
• Surf War Tapes: http://surfwarpresshouse.tumblr.com

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