♫♪  RAYPHAZE - “Moe Shuffle (Odd Nosdam Remix)”

Oh hey, didn’t see you there. Now that I know you’re lurking, care to peep this RAYPHAZE video, “Moe Shuffle (Odd Nosdam Remix)”?

You do? Great! Just go on and press play. It’s easy. I promise.

Thing is, this video is pretty transformative, so be careful not to time travel or something. Dome shifting is a real thing. Take caution.

You know what, if you do time travel, take me with you. Plz.

“Moe Shuffle (Odd Nosdam Remix)” is a cut off RAYPHAZE’s (a.k.a. Ray Phaze Tropic) new tape, Wobbler, out now on ((Cave)) Recordings.

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