The Rhythm Method
“Cruel (ft. Zoee)”

Last year, London’s The Rhythm Method dropped some first class knowledge on “Party Politics,” and now they’re kicking off 2017 with another very nice tune. “Cruel” channels that 80’s white boy riddim pioneered by UB40, and I’m all in for everything. The video, which features the duo plus guest singer Zoee doing the song at a karaoke bar, is everything you could hope for in a new RM track. The thing that keeps me coming back is piecing together all the choice lines scattered throughout the tune (“Never can get it up so I just get down”; “When did my sore spot become a sore spot?”). Are you closing in on 30, preferring the smell of home brewed coffee to going out, and needing something to listen to after Fresh Air finishes at 7:30? Look no further…

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