♫♪  Rich Po Slim - “Make You Mine”

Awful Records is keeping their tear-up of 2016 going with a new video from Rich Po Slim. “Make You Mine” is classic Awful — a relaxed-yet-sinister beat, dirtbag quotable lyrics (“Now I’m touchin’ titties with my manicured nails”), a deeply stoned hangout vibe throughout. Slim’s delivery here is borderline hyphy and very approachable, which pairs well with the memorable, emotional hook by label queen Abra (currently ascendent from her recent, phenomenal EP Princess). The video by JMP opens up the casual feel of the song, with Slim and Abra biking around town, video gambling at the gas station, Abra doing his braids —- they come off like siblings lurking around with nothing to do but kill time, be cool as hell, and get lit in the woods. Something to meditate on for these late summer days.

Watch the video for “Make You Mine” below.

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