♫♪  Rima Kato - “Love Me, I Love You”

Work sucks, we know. Especially when said work tears you away from your real passions — streetside puppet shows and theatrical productions that prominently feature unicorns.

Rima Kato’s music video for “Love Me, I Love You” follows the release of June’s Sing-Song LP via flau records, which found the Japanese singer-songwriter re-imagining the Pre-Raphaelite poetry of Victorian england through a cozy, lo-fi lens. The new visuals, directed by LA-based filmmaker Albert Choi, adds extra layers to the charm, envisioning a world where even retail work can be dreamy and fulfilling — so long as one can realize their dreams on the stage after they clock out.

“It’s about all you do for what you love… even if it is endless odd-jobs,” says Choi. “Rossetti’s poems can be somber, so I approached it with a carefree tone by channelling the charming qualities of the song.”

Sing-Song is out now on flau records. Purchase the 10-inch vinyl release here.

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