♫♪  Sabrina Ratté - Activated Memory I

Enjoy these beautiful video manipulations from Montreal-based artist Sabrina Ratté. Seemingly benign images of trees and other static scenery is subjected to “video feedback, 3d animation, and color manipulations,” creating a visual style associated with early experiments in computer graphics. The dissonance here comes through juxtaposing these typically cosmic-themed techniques with the simplicity of the landscapes. An eerie calm is achieved (spurred on by the synthesizer work of Roger Tellier-Craig), particularly when a patch of trees is seen in a spinning, multiplying 3D encasement. It’s as if each layer of the frame is unknowingly studying the one before it in a pristine, diorama-like setting. Ratté’s Activated Memories I and II can be viewed through her Vimeo page or the “online gallery” bubblybyte.org.

• Sabrina Ratté: http://vimeo.com/sabrinaratte

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