♫♪  Sailcloth - “Year Long Storm”

I was recently completely Annihilated (get it), dragged through Area X by the scruff of my moviegoing neck till my perspective (and probably my DNA) prism’d out of control and there was talk of altered bodily functions and esophagus pork trees. Thus I’ve been walking around in a fog the last several days, dreaming of gene manipulation and rapid evolution and trying to feel deep to determine if anything like that was going on in my body (as if the border has expanded or something!). I can sense the encroaching mania.

Sailcloth, you’re not helping.

Not with this “Year Long Storm” video, anyway. I mean, it looks great and all, the animation by Daniel Paashaus is positively mesmerizing, but my psyche can only take so many human forms gradually turning into other forms, unnaturally growing metallic eye coverings or being engulfed by worms or paper triangles or growing golden scales or whatever. So, Mr. Sailcloth (aka Alex Luquet of Philly rock-n-rollers Cold Fronts, whose free Valentine’s Day EP Cover Yr Heart has the greatest cover I may have ever seen): although I am fully entranced by your ambient soundwaves, I’m still feeling these micro changes, and I can’t help but worry that you’ve soundtracked them on purpose. Are you the catalyst?

Have I just lost it?

Let’s step back: whatever paranoia I may be experiencing, “Year Long Storm” is still Luquet’s perfect accompaniment to the weird and abstract cryptoworld Paashaus has created. It’s the road mix for the journey of human progression to another physical state, string drones like strands of taffy stretched and hung in the wind, guided strictly by their environment. Sort of like Annihilation and its score. (Seriously, I can’t stop thinking about Annihilation.)

“Year Long Storm” can be found on the newly released Close Keeping, the debut digital EP self-released by Sailcloth.


1. Growth
2. Year Long Storm
3. Writing on Paper
4. Keep It
5. Winter Walks
6. Older Dogs
7. Staring at the Sky While It’s Raining

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