♫♪  Sassy 009 - “Thrasher”

Sassy 009, queen of sultry dissociation pummeled through electro detachment, is back after 2017’s EP Do You Mind with another thrasher. The music video for the single “Thrasher” offers a cruel release from enclosure. Depicting bodies alone, isolated, and held in immobility, as if all of one’s being is clenched in the pure stasis of a pain that offers no escape, the fragility of a statue effaced by the wind, the images betray a glimpse of the shadow that seethes, the tears that flow, the wind that breaks from the stillness of pain’s disquietude. With icy indifference Sunniva Lindgård’s voice traces the edge of pain which might freeze like the statue or writhe like its shadow, or else collapse entirely, break finally into expression, like the electro-industrial release from the frigid severity of loneliness, like a scream or an embrace. Sharing the intimacy of dreamy coldness and cruelty with the likes of Smerz, “Thrasher” makes me shiver, makes me shatter. Hold me !

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