♫♪  The Savage Young Taterbug - “The Paperstud”

Once upon a time, C Monster peppered our steaks with some guided light in the direction of “The Paperstud.” In that post, a rumored vinyl release was brought up, but the record never emerged. Time ticked, the earth spun, and in the meantime old Tatty-Bug’s previous Night People releases were played repeatedly (‘least by me they were).

But now, nearly three years later, Shadow of Marlboro Man has poked its nose out of the leaves, spinning its cobwebbed batty bliss at 33 rpms, and is currently dominating slip mats and ear canals alike.

Up above, where you just came from, a video for the album opener sits restfully. Click on it. If you do so, you’ll see a head hung happily with reflection singing back in a side-mirror as the reluctant preacher looks around the lush countryside in some rose-tinted sunglasses, eventually cracking a warm, fresh beer which sprays all over his letterman’s jacket. In the end, the Principal building’s a simple blade of grass in the background. Des Moines’ a funny town. It’s got ghosts, my friends. Try and catch one. I know Monet will.

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