Savage Young Taterbug
“Untitled” [Nitetrotter session]

Who’s the saddest motherfucker in the world? Maybe it’s T-buggin’. But this live track sure is #sadfacemustache. Sent this video to a Trini co-worker of mine, and he said, “Made my wee wee spit out green.” Yo, is Charles wearing Dre Beats up in this bitch? The headphones are the only thing straying away from his crust. Even his voice exasperates itself acoustic and live. So, now I know all that mic warp and equipment distortion is used by him, and unneeded. And I found this track at 8:30 AM last Friday and have RE:listened to it again and again for an hour. All my Charles Free tapes are totally worn into submission, only complementing his sound. I want another, a new one. Actually, “I Want Another, A New One” is my personal name for this song. #OHDUH LONGING #FIREINSIDEMEBOI #MUSTACHEAROUNDMYEAR #SUMMERLOVELEGIT

• Savage Young Taterbug:!/gasoline_weirdo

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