Me and SB the Moor hacking through the rain forest, tropical thundershowers soaking through the canopy. Starts and stops as quickly a hummingbird flitting from bud to bud sipping at the nectar. Tattered old map points vaguely in this direction, compasses useless as ancient magnetism strengthens. Looking for landmarks, we hit upon an idol carved from stone and weathered over the centuries. We exchange a glance, and a gleam sparks into our eyes, ’cause we’re already here and we’re about to lose our minds.

Hacking some more through the densest flora imaginable, we uncover a structure lying dormant in the underbrush. A large stone temple, its door a dark maw, but we’ve already come this far, there’s no way we’re chickening out. SB turns to me and says, “I’ll go first, OK?” “Fine by me,” I acquiesce, “I’m right behind you anyway.” SB takes a few steps and turns around one more time, then flashes a grin and disappears into the void. My eyes are bugged out, but I take a deep breath, hitch my pack on my shoulders, and dive right the fuck in.

It’s not what I expected. Has my (NTUITION) failed? The humidity in the air’s disappeared, and I suddenly feel very still. That is until the pink Tron grids shoot like lasers into the abyss, and I’m standing on a cold floor while SB appears on screen. “What the…” I manage to murmur as a backing track begins, and shadow dancers appear while SB raps and sings.

I guess this is the secret that the “HIDDEN TEMPLE” reveals to all who brave the elements and dangers along the way. Then it suddenly hits me like a frying pan to the face: the “HIDDEN TEMPLE” was within me even before my quest began.

SPIRIT REALM.FINAL / Deathbomb Arc / Video directed by Amanda Kramer of Not Not Fun and 100% Silk.

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