♫♪  Sikka Rymes - “LOVE DI PEOPLE” (Feat. JOHN D., Prod. GENESIS HULL)

Duppy Gun Productions has taken music from the streets and forest, West Coast to all over Jamaica, Stones Throw and (NOW) complete independence! So, to kick off 2016 with the freedom they rightly deserve — which includes changing to a completely digital label with physical goodies and a new website by TMT favorite, Alex Gray (another fresh development from his and Jessupcoming business venture) — Sikka Rymes is dropping his debut track “LOVE DI PEOPLE” on Duppy Gun (official, as he was featured on the off-shoot mix Who Feels, It Knows It), featuring vocal depths from JOHN D., and production from [NONE OTHER THAN] Genesis Hull. And it’s the first single off FRESH CLIPP’D EP that hones in love from artists, Arafat Brigance, I Jahbar, and [yours truly] Sikka Rymes, producers [yours truly-truly] Genesis Hull, DJ Talus Glider, and Garcia, and remixes from Cakedog, Ras G, and Siete Catorce. Not to mention there’s the Dubplate Extension that draws longer instrumentals, straight-up acapellas and MORE to FRESH CLIPP’D EP. Phew! It’s a lot to take in, I know.

As Sikka Rymes is a free-vocalist, who admittedly feels the music and riddims, eventually flowing from soul to mouth, “LOVE DI PEOPLE” is praise for the Duppy Gun Productions name, among a slew of other loving ideas. The instrumental by Genesis Hull is currently emitting smoke from my computer speakers. With JOHN D. on the no-breath vocals, “LOVE DI PEOPLE” is just the beginning anthem to this year’s Duppy Gun world take over. So get your ears ready, because flames:

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