♫♪  Slow Club - “Two Cousins”

Girl/Boy bands are as common now as female adult-contemporary singers were in the 90s. Videos involving cinematic melodies like “Two Cousins” need more statement than song or at least contain a stigmatized dance routine. In general, video changes personal perspective of everything. This is why people hate movies adapted from books (duh). Of course, this only shows how everything has some sort of companion (Alexander Slotnick, Lee Michael, Kmmy Gbblr).

None of this is bad, though, concerning “Two Cousins.” I couldn’t remember the aforementioned Annie Lennox link and may have lost sleep over it. Maybe I got so worked up (Sunday into Monday afternoon) that when I found it, everyone at my office had the song stuck in they’s head. Guess what, Slow Club. Ten years from now, someone somewhere in Hempstead, NY will be finally finding this video after five cups of coffee consumed as fast as these dudes’ move they feet. Find Slow Club’s next album Paradise on Moshi Moshi Records (released yesterday, September 13), and let it consume you.

• Slow Club: http://www.myspace.com/slowclub
• Moshi Moshi Records: http://www.moshimoshimusic.com

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