♫♪  Slow Six - “These Rivers Between Us” [police batons as dildos!]

Do you like weiners? Boobs? Mutilation? Political corruption? Interracial marriage? Yeah, I’m not fond of the last one either, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out Slow Six’s video for “These Rivers Between Us.” In nine minutes, director St John Mckay has us alternately shocked and laughing out loud at the most offensively compelling stuff, including animal erections, dildo/batons, and incestuous insects. I love it.

“These Rivers Between Us” is off Slow Six’s Tomorrow Becomes You, released earlier this year on Western Vinyl.

• Slow Six: http://www.slowsix.com
• St John Mckay Smith: http://www.asinsmith.com
• Western Vinyl: http://westernvinyl.com

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