♫♪  softsoundwhispers - ASMR: Tingle Inducing Camera Brushing 2014 Edition!

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) undoubtedly works for a lot of people. And although it might not be possible to understand the desired tingling or relaxation said to result from an ever expanding collection of Youtube videos, there is something remarkable about whatever softsoundwhispers is up to.

ASMR began to gain popularity when Yahoo discussion groups took to sharing their experiences as a community. Ever since then, the possibilities to explore, share and create videos within that domain have grown at a whopping rate.

Jenny, or softsoundwhispers, is seemingly in a league of her own. She covers a number of subjects, from cooking squash risotto to presenting visualizations of calming and meditative imagery — each with their own desired effect. Her specialty, however, is brushing.

If nothing else, ASMR : Tingle Inducing Camera Brushing 2014 Edition! demonstrates the potential of these fine, soft and delicate sounds as they come in the form of whispers, complexion blending brushes and a range of eco tools. The quality of the recording might not be first rate, but it’s certainly worth checking out with a good pair of headphones. Indulge below:

• softsoundwhispers: http://http://www.youtube.com/user/softsoundwhispers?feature=watch

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