♫♪  Sondre Lerche - “BAD LAW”

It’s INSANE to still hear Sondre Lerche is hustlin’ the music game. This dude’s tracks used to be a MAJOR panty melter on mix CDs I’d make 10 years ago for girls I’d meet in school or city; Sondre was my single-man’s crooner music. I’ve LOADS of memories with people I’ve forgotten at this point: driving around the country back roads, running out of gas in Brittney’s car and eating a pot brownie we found in the station-wagon trunk, putt-putt at Magic Castle. They’re all gone now, but “BAD LAW” — interestingly enough — is lyrically and sonically appropriate in memory of these situations.

Specifically, I’m loving Sondre Lerche’s harmonizing vocals, continuous beat until that spazzed out bit that melts me, and you know, that “BAD LAW” easy guitar lickin’, yo. But what’s most important to point out is Sondre is STILL on his game. 10-years later, the fellah is still grinding on the music game, completely turning fun into a career, and at my age, this dude is admirable and commendable. Let’s wait a few more years, get Sondre’s forehead around five or six, and get him a life-time achievement award.

I’m going to Atlantic City this weekend and will be playing this in the car ride up with my fiancee. Crossing my fingers to get lucky on a private bathroom sink, gutter-style. Please, on the other hand, is the title of Sondre Lerche’s newest album, and will be released September 23 via MONA Records.

• Sondre Lerche: https://twitter.com/sondrelerche
• MONA Records: http://monarecords.us

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