♫♪  Soul Ipsum - “Innovative Storage Solutions”

Home-boiii, Soul Ipsum — a current TMT favorite — just popped off a new video for the fresh deep and fading track, “Innovative Storage Solutions.” From what I gather, the dude had it done by the DIY▲PYЯΛMID project collaborator and girl friend, Michelle McKay, and the track was mastered by Shannon Phone. Apparently, these visuals are all the secrets to the Soul Ipsum’s hard drive, and I’m tuned in!

Look out for more from the fellah in the future, but in the mean time, grip on the Zirconia Reign by Soul Ipsum and Magic Fades from 1080p Collection, as there’s a rerelease on the horizon!

• Soul Ipsum: http://soulipsum.bandcamp.com
• 1080p: http://1080pcollection.net

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