South South Million
“Blue Hoshanna”

Fearful symmetry. Eerie calm. In their video for “Blue Hoshanna,” Detroit ambient-electronica duo South South Million (which features two members of Zoos of Berlin) hover through a heavily fogged and coldly cluttered mise-en-scène — much of it shot in the repurposed auto-parts factory where they practice and record — drawn to an all-reflective monolith, locking in: half-face-to-half-face-to-half-face-to-half-face. Ghostly shadows feeling across frosted glass, Escher-ian hallucinations and an uneasy dawn’s gossamer glow upon curious crime scene investigations with Q-tips and elegant white gloves. Director John Anderson Beavers’ mirror theme fits the backstory for our two drifting crooners nicely; Trevor Naud and Daniel I. Clark have been collaborating musically for more than a dozen years, so it’s no surprise if their minds have melded irreversibly. (I’ve yet to encounter a singing pair whose voices fuse more audibly-indecipherable unto/into one another as these two).

South South Million’s Wind Hand Caught In The Door is out now on Triple Down.

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