♫♪  Sun Araw - “At Delphi” / “Impluvium” [double feature]

Eventually, everything will be done via the internet: your job, ordering food, using the bathroom, everything. Sound familiar? Imagine 20 years from now: vascular root internet, cyborgs, and digi-shits. “At Delphi,” one becomes all becomes infinity. Legitimacy is non-existent. There is no more consciousness pondering reality. Facts are numb3r5 !nt0 w7 83($ 2d*& no more 3-D. I miss that breezy tropical dimpled Sun Araw :.(((

That’s more like it. I’m not looking forward to a lifetime’s worth of cold this winter in New York, but I always got Ancient Romans. “Impluvium” being the #1 crowd-pleaser. When I stakeout the park across the street through my window and fan, I’ll imagine an Abbe Findley dancer producing some heat #breakingsweat.

• Sun Araw: http://sunaraw.com

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