♫♪  Sun Araw - “Solo Wallet Shuffle”

Definitely one of the best songs off the best albums this year, Cameron Stallones is a mad man. Like, Sun Araw is unstoppably impenetrable. And if Belomancie (TMT Review) doesn’t prove that much, scope this brilliant new video for “Solo Wallet Shuffle.” Filmed by old-pal Matthew Lessner, “Solo Wallet Shuffle” features the candid happenings of a random man’s sporadic stretch routine. To be honest, I also heard “Solo Wallet Shuffle” as more of an endearing piece to a potential lover who’s always got his back in tite billing situations. This video follows that meaning, but down another wonderful pathway.

Figure it: pals hanging, and it’s been a minute. THAT is the intimacy of this endearment. The romance is making art together that represents each other. Thus, insanely enough, this fellah on the corner is making similar moves as Cameron does in his music. And as a careful filmmaker, Lessner abides by providing the candidness of emotion, and encapsulates a Sun Araw doppelganger. Only in this instance, this dude is the Sun Araw of gettin’ ready to work out.

Become immersed, because it’s worth it, so why not?!

• Sun Araw: http://www.sunaraw.com

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