♫♪  Sunfighter - “Sun Moved the Oceans”

The dynamic yet vintage-tinged video for “Sun Moved the Oceans,” promoting the album Golden Eagle of Illumiation by the U.S. trans-dimensional shaman Steven Siciliano — working under the moniker Sunfighter — combines breathtaking vistas of deserts, mountains, clouds, lakes, and plains with the kaleidoscopic, abstract visions recalling the original, organic visuals for the first psychedelic concerts in the 1960’s, which get more prominent, even aggressive toward the end of the video, attacking the watcher with a barrage of almost epilepsy-inducing flashing visuals straight from Ken Russell’s Altered States. Music wise, the song occupies the territory somewhere between the classic Germanik desert worship (a’la Agitation Free, or, more lately, the desert kraut jams of Datashock), and the stoned, heat-processed drone rock of stoner rockers or the sun worshippers from Barn Owl in a happier mode. Fans of more old-school-styled psychedelia will fit at home here, especially the fans of classic sounding organs, which are so abundant here it will make them orgasm all over themselves.

• Sunfighter: https://www.facebook.com/sunfighterlodge
• Bookmaker Records: http://www.bookmakerrecords.com

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