♫♪  Tashi Dorji - “Murmur”

Guitarist Tashi Dorji’s lawless style can often express itself fiercely — its feral nature has roots in the more savage strands of avant-jazz or free folk. With his recently released Bathetic LP Appa, Dorji’s playing has been reigned-in to illustrate a more lush environment, a landscape almost impressionistic in its open, emotive gesturing. His playing has calmed, allowing enough time between actions where strings can resonate spaciously; they harmonize between gorgeous chord-sustain and knobby, quick passages.

“Murmur” is a true meditation on the instrument, where the materiality of the wood and metal of the guitar is shown in an artful, masterful drift into forested terrain — a terrain more mysterious than the turbulent places Dorji has previously taken us. An inherent emotionalism can be found in his treatment of dynamics, within the tension between the stability and flight of his movement-style. They serve to be two modes of articulation that are constantly at odds, as Dorji intends to express repose, even strength while simultaneously demonstrating a vigorous, athletic sense of motion. The result is a bright meditation coming from one of the most innovative figures within a new school of solo guitarists that are re-inventing the “primitive” instrumental mindset. Scope the elegantly simple visual accompaniment above; and, always be keeping an eye on Dorji.

Pick up the LP from Bathetic Records.

• Tashi Dorji: http://tashidorji.com
• Bathetic: http://batheticrecords.com

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